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I am Aktina(not my real name, obviously) and I also address myself with another name 'voidskull'. I am quite an easily distracted, kinda guy, and I shouldn't be actually doing anything like this for now. Like, I'm in middle of a class while typing this :)

Well anyways, like many people here, I am an open-source enthusiast and also a Linux fan (mostly 'cause I read many blogs and articles about them and again because of the same blogging communities, I'm getting thoughts about BSDs but, for now Linux is fine)

As I get easily distracted, I have too many hobbies (literally all of them are indoors- I'm extremely lazy btw) and interests, but well, I never manage to dedicate myself to them, and I sometimes avoid them as it'd interfere the stuff I must do.

What I do literally most of the time :

I'll have separate pages for each of these, as they are all a part of me. I'm being cringey here I know.

Annnd this is more or less what I could describe about myself at the moment. Couldn't think of anything much....

Ciao !

Everything here would be in CC license (I'll update the stuff related to this properly later)

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