A small intro....

Hi !

I'm Aktina, and I don't have a proper identity yet. Like, I haven't decided what to turn out in the future, so I'm more like an empty shell now. But this gives me an opportunity to look, like and live several stuff that piques my interest. And I have these webpages to share them to very few like minded people here.

Like I said, I try lots of stuff, so I never manage to perfect myself in anything specific, and thus this webpage would be amatuerish, as I'm in the process of learning while creating this. So I kindly request you guys to adjust, if these pages doesn't match your standards. But soon, I beleive, I'll make it pleasing to the eye ! And also not heavy, so it could 'do the work it's intended to do.'

My updates would kinda be erratic, but I'll try my best to not abandon it. I ain't gonna abandon what I like to do, would I! I kind of think a lot, and waste lots of time due to it. Several random thoughts run in my head, and I'm gonna write about them here. So, the topics too wouldn't be specific in my posts.

Now, coming to the reason for my screen name and website name; my real name's meaning is 'ray', so I searched translations of it in few languages and fixed my screen name with the Greek replacement 'aktina', and a word bit opposite to it is 'stygian' which relates to darkness. Thus comes these two words that would describe my internet-life in this community.

This whole post would have been boring, well, I too would've felt bored and closed it half-way, but again I didn't do it (not closing it half-way) and still gonna have this posted (I'm writing it, so technically not posted even if you guys can read it only if it had got posted). Well, the reason for this boring post is to give an idea about what I'm gonna do here. I think it'd be pretty rude if I start ranting without saying anything about myself. So here it is, some stuff about me.

Anyways, it's done, and see ya' 'til next post !

23:30 12 May 2021